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Hannah-Beth Kusler

Yoga Instructor (Calgary)

Hannah-Beth is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and herbalist. She grew up playing volleyball and wrestling. Her dive into the holistic healing realms started after a series of injuries ended her athletic career. When western medicine failed to ease her ailments she turned to meditation and nutritional therapies which brought her relief. Hannah-Beth is currently studying Chinese medicine and acupuncture. When she is not on her mat or studying, she enjoys getting outside with her partner - running and hiking - lifting at the gym and creating nourishing meals! For Hannah-Beth, yoga is so much more than a physical practice on your mat; yoga is unity - between mind, body and spirit. When she guides yoga, her desire is for her students to enjoy moving and breathing as it only enhances all other areas of life. 

“Anytime we breathe and move with awareness and intention, we are practicing yoga.”


Hannah-Beth Kusler
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