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Pennie Brennan

Pennie Brennan

U16 Ace Of Diamonds EP
(Head Coach & Calgary Liaison)

Pennie has loved and played volleyball for over 25 years. When Pennie made her first serve over in grade 7 after struggling all season, she had so much joy after finding success and that excitement has not faded over the years. Her playing career began in Saint John New Brunswick, playing junior high, high school, university, and still plays every week with her Tier 1 team at the volleydome. Pennies true desire is to have her girls love Volleyball, so they play it lifelong. Her efforts and will work will focus on hard- practices will be hard. Competition should not be easy and therefore practices will not be easy. The most recent accomplishments was tied for 3rd at Nationals with her U16 team in our division/Tier, as well as Coaching a Grade 9 team to City finals in 2017 taking Silver in a hard fought 5th set. Pennie is looking forward to the memories of being a part of the Ace Family.


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