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Jenae Papke

Jenae Papke

U14 Aces Pink
(Assistant Coach)

Jenae began playing volleyball in grade 7 through her school, and joined her first club volleyball team in U14 at Ace as an outside hitter. Throughout her years of volleyball, Jenae has won both MVP, and athlete of the year at her highschool. She continued playing for Ace until she graduated highschool in 2021. After graduating, Jenae began her post secondary education and is pursuing a degree in Biological Anthropology. Although she did not play post secondary volleyball, she knew that she wasn't ready to say goodbye to the sport. Jenae’s first time coaching was with grade 5 and 6 students, as a way of preparing them for junior high volleyball and helping them to gain an interest in competitive sports. More recently, Jenae has been coaching junior high girls volleyball where she realized how much she enjoyed sharing her knowledge with young athletes and helping them to learn the value of commitment, teamwork, and respect through sports. In her most recent season of coaching, Jenae coached girls who, in most cases, had never played volleyball before, and enjoyed teaching them the fundamentals of the sport. This helped the team go undefeated season, as well as win the playoffs in their league.


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