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Fritz Peters

Fritz Peters

U15 Ace Of Clubs Black
(Head Coach)

Fritz Peters played volleyball for Trinity Western and University of Manitoba. She started coaching grade 7-9 girls when she was teaching at Glenmore Christian Academy in 1989. She quit teaching when she had 4 children but continued to coach the Jr High girls or boys at G.C.A and.R.D.L. occasionally. Later, when her children were in high school, she coached the Jr and Sr. Girls Volleyball team and the grade 11 and grade 12 boys volleyball team at Holy Trinity Academy. She started coaching club ball with O.V.C. (later PEAK), then with A.C.E., Rampage and back to A.C.E. She has coached ages 14U-16U for girls and 13U for boys. Fritz focuses on improving correct technique for all her players and also developing them into players that other coaches would want on their team because of their attitude, determination and personality.


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