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Diane Johnson

Nutrition Expert

Diane is passionate about helping student athletes understand and leverage nutrition in a new way; one that is steeped in opportunity and potential and that will help them to crush their goals in sport and life.  Over the last 20 years as an educator and volleyball coach, and over 12 years in the nutrition and wellness industries, she realized that there was a huge gap in the nutrition component of the student athletes’ journey. A heavy focus on practice, training and competition coupled with lacking foundations in nutrition have created an environment in which many student athletes are not just underperforming, they are ailing. Diane founded GUTS with a mission to educate and support student athletes in the area of nutrition in a way that feels good, so they can have more energy, reduce injuries and enhance their performance in sport and life.  

The GUTS program employs a unique 4 step process that encourages curiosity and self-discovery, awareness of individual needs and emphasizes integration and ongoing support as critical components to young athletes successfully adopting sustainable and enjoyable nutrition habits. Through multiple sessions and interactions, student athletes leave the GUTS program feeling more knowledgeable and empowered to use nutrition as a foundation of wellness and view nutrition not as a chore, but as an opportunity to enhance their performance throughout their sport journey and beyond. 

Diane values the opportunity to work with organizations who share a similar philosophy and who prioritize the health and wellness of their student athletes. She feels fortunate to be a part of the ACE Family and looks forward to meeting the ACE athletes, coaches and parents and to supporting them on their own nutrition and wellness journeys.   


Diane received her B.A., B.Ed from the University of Lethbridge. She is an NCCP certified coach with 23 years experience. 

She is certified in holistic nutrition and sport nutrition. She is also a certified yoga teacher, is trained in mindfulness and meditation and is a certified Reiki Practitioner. 


Diane Johnson
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