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Mikayla Achal

Mikayla Achal

U13 Jr Aces Red
(Assistant Coach)

Mikayla first started playing volleyball in her first year of junior high. She started her club season in grade 8 with Airdrie Hawks, she then switched to SAVC, and ended her last season with ACE. Mikayla has been a setter throughout her entire volleyball career. She grew to love the responsibility of a setter and how complex a position it can be. Mikayla has held the role of captain many times and recognizes the importance of positive leadership and teamwork. She also has a keen eye for technique and can implement ways to correct or strengthen an athlete's skills. Mikayla returns every year as an alumni to coach at Lester B. Pearson high school. Mikayla looks forward to working with many different athletes and helping grow their passion for volleyball.


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