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Ken Mcdonald

Ken Mcdonald

U18 Ace Of Spades Silver
(Head Coach)

Ken has been involved in the volleyball community for coming up on 30 years as a player in high school through club to University, a coach for a cumulative 5 years and a parent to a volleyball player. He has a deep love for the sport and is very passionate about passing on that passion and knowledge to the next generation of leaders and volleyball players.

Through playing baseball, basketball, running track with numerous accolades, volleyball was the one sport that he wanted to keep up with. Ken has coached volleyball and basketball internationally as well at a High School in Utsunomiya, Japan. He has been involved with various organizations and is looking forward to working with the Ace family.

Ken’s coaching philosophy is one of inclusivity and innovation and hopes to pass on the joys of the game and competition to all his players. In fostering an environment of hard work, individual development and communication, Ken knows that these are important life skills both on and off the court.


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