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AJ Lefebre

AJ Lefebre

U17 Ace Of Hearts EP
(Assistant Coach)

AJ started her volleyball career when she was in junior high and has been involved in the sport ever since. She started her club career in grade 9 and was apart of one of the first teams ACE established in 2012. AJ played out her high school club years with ACE.

After graduation, AJ went on to attend university in Kelowna at UBCO. She coaches volleyball in Kelowna for Kelowna Volleyball Club, being an assistant for u14, u16 and u18 teams throughout the 4 years of her degree. After graduating AJ moved back to Calgary and continued her coaching career for ACE coaching a U15 and U16 team these past two seasons. AJ strives to see growth and improvement from her athletes on and off the court.


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