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Keri Sommers

Keri Sommers

U13 Jr Aces Okotoks (Assistant Coach)

Keri's coaching journey is intricately woven with her deep-rooted passion for volleyball. While her high school years provided the initial introduction to the sport, it was as an adult, witnessing her own children engage in the game, that her fervor truly developed. Currently, Keri eagerly anticipates her weekly volleyball matches alongside her husband, fostering a shared love for the game and camaraderie in the midst of competitive play. Having dedicated two years to coaching school volleyball, Keri's commitment to the sport extends beyond the court. Her involvement in her kids' games has fueled a growing interest in the technical aspects of volleyball. Eager to enhance her knowledge, she aspires to not only deepen her understanding but also effectively convey these intricacies to young players, nurturing their passion for the sport. With four children equally enthralled by volleyball, Keri's coaching endeavors are not only a personal pursuit but a family affair that further cements their collective love for the game.


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