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Sylvie Desrochers

U13 Jr. Aces Cochrane
(Head Coach)

Sylvie Desrochers is a veteran coach with ~10 years of experience.  After taking a break from coaching while her 2 children were little, she is making a big return this year with ACE. Sylvie has coached different age groups for schools and volleyball clubs in Calgary including WIC, Canuck Club and 403 Select. She is also a competitive player for nearly 30 years (yikes!). Collecting various awards and victories throughout the years, a National Gold medal while coaching a U14 girls was her highest achievement. But winning is not everything. Sylvie loves helping our girls develop long lasting life skills along with a passion for the sport in a safe, inclusive, fun/dynamic environment. She values open communication, hard work, respectful relationships and accountability. When away from a gym (as a coach or a player), Sylvie manages a team of 30 professionals during her daytime, sits on different non profit committees and associations, enjoys leading a group of Pathfinders (another group of 12-13 years old gals), and spends family time. You may also find her on bikes, on skis or in a swimming pool if not in the mountains.


Sylvie Desrochers

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