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Phil Tang

Phil Tang

U17 Ace Of Hearts Red
(Head Coach)

Phillip Tang is a trained high performance coach (level 3) looking to complete his certification this coming club season. He started coaching high school boys volleyball in a fly in community in Northern Manitoba where his team won zones. His teaching career lead him to a school just outside of Calgary where the boys and girls volleyball teams he coached found success, winning multiple banners. Phillip has coached six years of club volleyball, his teams winning a gold medal at nationals one year and a provincial banner the following year with a different group. Long after people have stopped talking about the medals and banners, Phillip is still in touch with the players from those teams. Phillip’s coaching philosophy is very much like his teaching philosophy - lead pupils to the solution but allow them to discover it themselves. He wants his players to know the why instead of just the how. The pure joy in a person’s face when they get that ‘a-ha’ moment is unparalleled. He feels like this added investment in time is what allows his players to perform at their best during the big competitions at the end of the season.


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