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Moriah Samchek

Moriah Samchek

U14 Aces Black
(Assistant Coach)

Moriah is an ACE alumni now beginning her second year of coaching with the club. She started playing with ACE in U14 and unfortunately stopped in U17, when she began her engineering degree at the University of Calgary. Fortunately, in her first year of university Moriah was able to begin coaching with the U15 girls team where she was responsible for leading team workouts, assisting in drills, and teaching sports psychology. Moriah is a firm believer that all athletes should have strong emotional intelligence as all sports require as much mental strength as physical. To nurture the mental side of the game, Moriah believes players should focus on being mentally flexible and positive, thereby not allowing negative outcomes to affect the future. Visualization, goal setting, and optimism are key aspects of her coaching philosophy.


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