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Katie Foss

Katie Foss

U13/14 ACE
(Assistant Coach)

Katie's devotion to volleyball first began when her mom entered both herself and her older sister into recreational, low-level volleyball at the local rec centre in 2015. Her passion grew more as she strived to try out for her school team. She would consistently show up to her older sister's club tournaments aspiring and motivated to be like her one day. Throughout the years Katie played on her school teams in the fall, then moved directly into club for the winter and spring. Her passion grew larger and larger every practice wanting to better herself constantly. Katie played for Ace Volleyball Club all the way from U13-U18, learning from different coaches and teammates she had along the way.

Katie strongly believes that there needs to be a balance of lightness and fun and seriousness and dedication to the sport in every practice. She does not want her players to ever lose their love for the sport because they believe the enjoyment was taken out of it, but still maintain the winner mindset and train hard and be as successful as possible throughout the season. Katie is super pumped to share her passion and knowledge of the sport to her athletes and watch each and every one of them grow.


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