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Dasha Bosyy

Dasha Bosyy

Assistant Coach)

Dasha has been playing volleyball since junior high. She played every year of her school season, and transitioned to club volleyball in high school. Since graduating high school, she has been involved in numerous recreation leagues and tournaments including female teams, coed teams, and beach volleyball. She excels as an outside hitter, right side hitter and libero, while occasionally acting as a setter during coed tournaments. Dasha’s favourite parts of the sport are the energy on the court, and the friendships she’s gained throughout the years. This season will be her first year in a coaching role, and as such, she looks forward to fostering an environment where players feel safe, valued, and challenged as they develop their skills both on and off the court. Her goal for the season is to ensure the sport remains fun, and practice is something every player looks forward to all season long.


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