John Wildman

Financial Assistance Memorial Grant

John Wildman upheld high values in everything he did. An accomplished racer, both on motorcycle and sidecar, John personified commitment, preparation, practice, teamwork, skill mastery and good sportsmanship, gaining the respect of teammates and competitors alike. These foundational principles continued long after his racing career, as John turned his attention to coaching youth soccer, passing on the ingredients that made him a successful competitor to the next generation; his sons and their friends. As it did on the race track through multiple championships and individual/team accolades, the results spoke for themselves on the soccer field - consistency being the final, penultimate ingredient of his commitment to the development of those who came after him.

In Memory Of John Wildman, the John Wildman Financial Assistance Memorial Grant is here to help athletes and coaches pursue their dreams of playing and coaching sport.  


Player Applicants

-Up to $250 Available/Applicant

-Athletes Must Be Participating In An ACE Certified Program With A Fee Of Over $1000

-Applicants Must Have Been Accepted By Kidsport And/Or Jumpstart For Funding Prior To Applying For Grant

(Priority Will Go To Athletes Who Have Been Accepted By Both)

-Accepted Grant Recipients May Only Apply 1/Annual Year

(Priority Will Go To Athletes Who Have NOT Received Grant In Past)

How To Apply

-Write A Letter Asking For Financial Assistance

-Tell Us Why You Are Applying And What 

Program Or Course It Will Be Used For

-Email letter to

-Subject: Attention John Wildman Grant

Coach Applicants

-Up to $200 Available/Applicant

-Only Open For Ace Volleyball Club Coaches

-Certified Coaching Association of Canada Courses Will Only Be Accepted

-Accepted Grant Recipients May Only Apply 1/Annual Year

-Accepted Grant Recipients Will Be Reimbursed

After Successfully Completing Their Course


Selection Committee

-Main Selection Committee Will Be Members Of The Wildman Family-

-Secondary Selection Committee Will Be Board Of Directors-

Accepted Recipients​


-Accepted Recipients Will Be Notified By Email.