David Wildman, ChPC 


Coaching Level- Performance Certified   

Head Coach- U18 Ace Of Spades Black



Troy Kievits

Coaching Level- Advanced Development Trained

Head Coach- U18 Ace Of Spades Red



Darryl Noel

Coaching Level- Performance Certified

Head Coach- U17 Ace Of Hearts Red

Darryl has over 30 years of playing, coaching experience, and he brings his vast knowledge, experience, and network to the Ace Family.  Darryl played for Mt. Royal where they captured a bronze medal at the CCAA Nationals.  When Darryl was finished playing he began to coach where he worked very hard to develop his coaching style and knowledge.  Over the past 15 years Darryl has coached a variety of teams ranging from U16 through Collegiate teams, where he is has proudly developed numerous players to play at the collegiate level.  Darryl spent 2 seasons with the SAIT Men’s and Women’s programs as an Assistant coach where he was fortunate enough to learn from 2 great coaching mentors (Ryan Marsden and Diane Bugler).  The past couple of seasons were spent at Olds college where he continued his development and became a Certified Advanced Development Coach learning from another great coaching mentor Keith Hanson.  Darryl knows what it takes to play at the next level and is looking forward to bringing his passion, tireless work ethic, honest and dedication to the Ace family.

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be – Tom Landry


Phil Tang

Coaching Level- Performance In Training

Head Coach-

Phillip Tang is a trained high performance coach (level 3) looking to complete his certification this coming club season. He started coaching high school boys volleyball in a fly in community in Northern Manitoba where his team won zones. His teaching career lead him to a school just outside of Calgary where the boys and girls volleyball teams he coached found success, winning multiple banners. Phillip has coached six years of club volleyball, his teams winning a gold medal at nationals one year and a provincial banner the following year with a different group. Long after people have stopped talking about the medals and banners, Phillip is still in touch with the players from those teams.  Phillip’s coaching philosophy is very much like his teaching philosophy - lead pupils to the solution but allow them to discover it themselves. He wants his players to know the why instead of just the how. The pure joy in a person’s face when they get that ‘a-ha’ moment is unparalleled. He feels like this added investment in time is what allows his players to perform at their best during the big competitions at the end of the season.


Corbett Farrell

Coaching Level- Development Certified

Head Coach-

Cory has had a love of volleyball for most of his life, but began his coaching career in Grande Prairie in 2014. He has coached teams at a variety of levels including, Junior Varsity, Varsity, U15, and U16. Some team successes include a Grade 9 Zone gold medal, Junior Varsity Zone gold, and 2 Junior Varsity provincial championships. Cory enjoys instilling passion, drive, a competitive attitude in the athletes he works with. He enjoys the tactics that are so integral to volleyball and strives to help athletes improve their volleyball abilities by seeing the sport through a tactical and strategic lens. Cory is eager to share his knowledge with athletes and is always looking to keep developing and learning from the athletes that he has the opportunity to work with.


Ashleigh Noel

Coaching Level- Development Trained

Head Coach- U16 Ace Of Diamonds Red

Ashleigh has been around the game since she was 10 years old observing her dad coach teams At 12 years old she started playing club.   For the next 5 years she had a successful club career with many top 3 finishes, and was fortunate to get multiple offers to post secondary in the setting position.  After graduation Ashleigh went on to play 4 years of post secondary, one at College of the Rockies and 3 at Lethbridge college. Ashleigh pursued her love for the sport after college by assistant coaching for a couple years and has been taught by some very strong head coaches.  

Ashleigh's goals are to create a comfortable and competitive environment where skills can grow and mistakes can be made so we can build and grow as a team.


Pennie Brennan

Coaching Level- Development Certified

Head Coach- U16 Ace Of Diamonds Black

Pennie has loved and played volleyball for over 25 years. When Pennie made her first serve over in grade 7 after struggling all season, she had so much joy after finding success and that excitement has not faded over the years. Her playing career began in Saint John New Brunswick, playing junior high, high school, university, and still plays every week with her Tier 1 team at the volleydome. Pennies true desire is to have her girls love Volleyball, so they play it lifelong. Her efforts and will work will focus on hard- practices will be hard. Competition should not be easy and therefore practices will not be easy. The most recent accomplishments was tied for 3rd at Nationals with her U16 team in our division/Tier, as well as Coaching a Grade 9 team to City finals in 2017 taking Silver in a hard fought 5th set. Pennie is looking forward to the memories of being a part of the Ace Family.


Craig Torrance

Coaching Level- Development Certified

Head Coach- U15 Ace Of Clubs Black

Craig played competitive volleyball, among other sports, in the  UK from High School through University where he competed as a LS hitter.  At the Post Secondary levels Craig played for the University team in Sheffield, various National and International student teams. Craig also played with the Nation League Division 1 team, Leeds, in the UK National Volleyball League.


Craig started his coaching career helping to coach both the mens and womens teams at Sheffield University, winning the National Championship with the mens team. After relocating to Canada he returned to coaching with a local 14U boys, U15 and U16 club teams.  Craig’s focus is within the U15/U16 age groups and has seen success in these areas since joining ACE.  As with all ACE coaches, Craig continues to develop his coaching knowledge.



Arrah Demsky

Coaching Level-Development Trained

Head Coach- U15 Ace Of Clubs Red

Arrah has been coaching out of the volleydome for the past few years now, and is super excited to start her club volleyball coaching career with ace. She quit dance after seven years just to play volleyball and she has never looked back. Arrah never thought she would love anything more than playing volleyball, until she started coaching, and she realized that coaching was her true pride and joy. Her main goal is to ensure the children that she coaches are learning the proper techniques to execute physically playing the sport, as well as mentally training them to have a deeper understanding and passion for the game. Arrah focuses on teaching the kids how to keep their head in the game with a positive mindset and good work ethic by leading by example. She loves what she does and is ecstatic to be part of the #acefamily. 


Madison Barrell-

Coaching Level-Development Trained

Head Coach- U15 Ace Of Clubs Pink

Madison (Maddy) Barrell has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have played five years of Club volleyball, in which each year she was recognized and/or acknowledged as a leader on and off the court via title of captain/co-captain/assistant captain or via team and/or coach nominated awards.  After post secondary she was recruited to North Dakota to Lake Region State College.  Due to injury her playing career ended. Returning to Calgary  she continued her education as a sophomore in Bachelor of Education at St. Mary's University.  Moving from playing to coaching Madison started coaching club as an assistant and then as a head coach.  Madison coached her past 14 team to a National gold medal.  There is nothing better than watching athletes develop on and off the court and being able to be a part of that. Madison is am extremely excited about this new chapter in her coaching career and is excited about being part of the Ace Family.


Michael Cook

Coaching Level- Advanced Development Trained

Head Coach- U14 Aces Black

Michael has been involved in Volleyball for over 30 years developing his skill at one of the best volleyball high schools in the province Brooks Composite High where he was part of the provincial winning team. Where he and two other players from that team continued their playing at Mount Royal were they captured a bronze medal at the CCAA nationals. While Michael still plays to this day as much as possible he has been coaching throughout those many years as well from his time in Lethbridge when attend University of Lethbridge. Once returning to Calgary after post-secondary. Michael coached at varies clubs and local Jr. and Sr. high schools. Michael has been coaching at Ace for a few years now being involved with most age groups. Michael is a huge believer in fundamentals which has brought him to coach the U14 Black team. Michael wants to develop young athletics that learn what being part of a team is all about and instill the passion to play sports for years. The bonds that players can built will last for life.


Kaitlyn Dorr

Coaching Level-Development In Training

Head Coach- U14 Aces Red

Kaitlyn has been in the sport of volleyball for 9 years.. In 2015 her club team won a silver medal in nationals, and in 2014 my school team won bronze in zones. With 9 seasons under her belt she is going into her second season as a U13 head coach. Kaityln is also very hands on in the school community providing her knowledge and expertise as an assistant coach of a high school team while she is a full time student at MRU.  Kaitlyn is excited to create an exciting learning environments for all the new Ace family members who will be a part of the Jr Aces Calgary Division Program.


Hunter Egeland

Coaching Level-Development In Training

Head Coach- U13 Jr. Aces Black





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