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Saveya Saravia

Saveya Saravia

U13 Jr Aces Red
(Head Coach)

Saveya started out playing volleyball in the 7th grade for her junior high team. Growing up in a volleyball based home allowed her to pick up on the game quickly and learn to love it more with every practice. After her first school season, Saveya was introduced to club volleyball through Ace Volleyball Club. Saveya fell in love with the community of volleyball and continued her career playing as both a right side and outside hitter. As the years went by, Saveya learned from many excellent coaches how to be a team player on and off the court. In her U17 year, Saveya went on to win Player of the Month as well as Most Improved after playing half a season before it was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic. Though the pandemic changed the remainder of her career, Saveya was still eager to continue playing and growing despite the unfortunate circumstances.

Saveya believes in building a strong team both physically and emotionally in order to gain success in all aspects of the sport. Trust and connection between fellow teammates is something that Saveya wishes to establish early on in each of the teams she works with to introduce growth both as a team and an individual. Saveya encourages competitive, passionate and driven attitudes towards the sport of volleyball and is eager to share her knowledge and love for the sport to each and every one of the players she works with. Saveya strives to teach and mentor current athletes to become the best player they can be and to assist them in their individual successes.


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