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Nicole Fraser

Nicole Fraser

U14 Aces Burgundy (Head Coach)
U16 Ace Of Diamonds Black (Head Coach)

Nicole started her volleyball career in junior high, where she was involved in dome club, then moved on to play club volleyball with an Ace U15 team the next year. Nicole has been mainly a setter for 6 years, but has also played libero a bit in U16. Nicole has a strong passion for volleyball and a love for the sport that is unexplainable. Nicole won the Ace of Heart award 2020 for her U18 year, and hopes that she can help young athletes grow to have the same characteristics that enabled her to get incredible recognition for that award.

Nicole has a very technical background with setting, and will strive to set strong fundamentals of volleyball, but places high value on the experience of club volleyball overall. Nicole wants to have athletes create friendships, great memories, and have practice be the best part of their day. She also strives to create a hard working mentality and to create coachable athletes that will progress and be competing at their greatest potential for this level.


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