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Ella Banks

Ella Banks

U16 Ace Of Hearts Black
(Assistant Coach)

Ella an Ace Alumni and is now pursuing her coaching career with Ace. She began
volleyball at age 12 in grade 7 and continued playing from there on, she played for the
2018/2019 U16 Jr. Canuck team, and U17 Ace Hearts Black team in 2019/2020 but did not
continue playing due to an injury that following summer. Ella decided she would start her
coaching career earlier then she expected, because of her not playing in her final club year, she
was fortunately able to coach for the 2020/2021 U13/14 Ace team. Ella always knew she’d love
to teach children how to play volleyball and to give them attentive training to quickly improve
their skills and develop good technique at a young age. Ella’s goal for new athletes is to help
them learn great technique, positivity on and off the court, and a good work ethic to help
progress their mental and physical game. Even though Ella is dedicated to the improvement of new athletes in a positive, hard-working environment.


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