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David Wildman, ChPC

David Wildman, ChPC

U15 Ace Of Clubs EP
(Head Coach, CEO, Founder)

My name is David Wildman and I am the Founder of Ace Volleyball Club.

I want to personally welcome all alumni, current and future Ace family members to the Ace Volleyball Club official website.

My passion for the game of Volleyball started over 20 years ago. During this time I have had the opportunity to play and coach some of the highest levels of volleyball in Western Canada. Through the years of coaching I have had the opportunity to coach amazing athletes and personally see them grow as individuals and as team players, on and off the court.

Ace Volleyball Club was established to give opportunity for players to excel in the game of volleyball. Through the game of volleyball, players get to learn and experience real life lessons. Teamwork, loyalty and perseverance are only some qualities that we try to encourage all of our players to develop, as these are characteristics that are critically important in the makeup of complete, successful people. We drive our athletes to be champions on and off the court. We do this by being ambassadors of the game through reaching out to the communities and charities around us.

Through yearly growth, Ace Volleyball Club will strive to be as competitive as possible in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by respective provincial and national associations. Ace Volleyball Club is proud of all the staff and coaches who bring high quality playing and/or coaching experience at the club, post-secondary, and national team levels. As an organization, our family will grow, and as we grow, we will strive to build upon our successes, keep the standard high, and constantly work to better ourselves into future years. We will set ambitious goals, pursue them consistently, assess ourselves honestly, and perfect our imperfections.

I look forward to the years ahead and encourage all new and current club players to join our family and be a part of our legacy.

Thank you for your time, your interest, and your commitment.


Coach Wildman


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