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Arrah Demsky

Arrah Demsky

U17 ACE BLACK & U15 ACE (Head Coach)

Arrah has been coaching with Ace for over 6 seasons, and has experience head coaching both male and female athletes from age U12-U18. Arrah also has experience coaching at the high school level, having coached both Jr. and Sr. girls at William Aberhart High School, and is now coaching Sr. Boy at Bishop McNally High School. Arrah was also fortunate enough to coach in the U15 Alberta Winter Games zone 2 team in 2020.

As an education major Arrah has a growth mindset when it comes to her athletes, and is looking to grow her athletes both physically in the sport, as well as mentally. Arrah never thought she would love anything more than playing volleyball, until she started coaching, and she realized that coaching was her true pride and joy. Her main goal is to ensure the children that she coaches are learning the proper techniques and strategies to execute physically playing the sport, as well as mentally training them to have a deeper understanding and passion for the game.


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